m&t wedding invite:
Anniversary Gift: 8x10 black frame with white space surrounding
Christmas Gift to Grandparents-in an 8x10 black frame-white space looked awesome!
Anniversary Gift-8x10 black frame with white space surrounding
P Fam Christmas:
P Fam #2 Christmas:
ABC Fam Christmas:
H Fam Christmas:
C Fam Christmas:
My Fam Christmas:
H Fam #2 Christmas:
l&j fam christmas card:
n&c christmas card:
n fam christmas card: (3 variations)
f fam christmas card:I sent the first variation to A and she wanted a few things changed and loved the second one. I think it turned out so bright & cute!

Christmas Special!

I'm offering a special package for Christmas. There will be several cards available for a one-time $10 price. Just send me your picture & let me know which card you like-what wording you want used & give me 24 hours to get it back to you. Then take it & print as many as you'd like! Here's three of the choices.
decorative picture:
white border-green christmas:
light & dreamy christmas:
s&j wedding invite:


All names & addresses have been changed or blurred for the client's protection. Obviously the real product won't have these changes made! The reason some are blurred is because I no longer have the PSE file & only have the Jpg's because my hard drive was wiped out & those files were lost. In order to change the names without blurring, I'd have had to go back and totally re-do them which would be very time consuming. Those posted from now on will have no blurring; but changed names/addresses, etc. Thanks for your understanding!
c fam christmas: